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Welcome to KEEPUP

Learn to FREESTYLE and get the WOW factor...

The Keep Up Freestyle Academy is the world’s first specialist coaching system for boys and girls to learn Freestyle Ball Control skills in a fun and dynamic way. Freestyle Ball Control is the collective term for all existing single and linked moves that can be achieved by controlling a football. These include well known football, freestyle, dance and gymnastic moves.

The Keep Up coaching system has been developed under the close supervision of World Champion Freestyler, multiple Guinness World Record holder, TV personality and Freestyle coach John Farnworth. John has over ten years experience coaching Freestyle Ball Control and has seen many children benefit from improved confidence, ball control, anticipation, balance, co-ordination, flexibility, creativity and general fitness from attending either weekly sessions or freestyle camps.

The aim of Keep Up coaching sessions is to teach boy and girls the art of FBC (Freestyle Ball Control) so they enjoy and have the ability and confidence to perform a range of ball control skills. Freestyle Ball Control is about the individual freestyler and is not a race or competition. Coaching sessions are based on coaching a range of abilities and at different speeds. The aim is for all freestylers to become the best they can be in a fun environment.

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